Recent emails, notes and social media comments 

 "It’s nice to know someone’s got our back! Thank you Rabbi and Chanie for always checking in on all of us. Even before there was a pandemic."
- Lisa B.
"It meant so much to my sister and I that you and Rabbi were there during my Mom’s last hours."
- Trudy G
"It was a very dark time for us. We were in uncharted waters but throughout this entire ordeal Rabbi Harlig kept in constant contact. He was a lifeline between our daughter and us."
- Joan and Paul B.
"Thank you for taking the time to assist me in prayer. I found it to be very helpful and it eased some of the pain that I felt during that difficult time."
- Joshua G
"I’m really enjoying the series of Torah classes."
- Debbie R.
"I appreciate the dedication of the Hebrew School teachers, the strong moral and spiritual messages, and the way the school is able to make learning fun - even on a weekend!"
- Stephanie M.
"I wanted to thank you for your thoughtfulness and gift of my son’s Bar Mitzvah ceremony on our doorstep. It was so sweet and touching and gave us so much hope in the human spirit and the power of faith."
- Mika E.